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Construction Consultation

With 14+ years of looking behind walls, in crawl spaces and through joists, we have a thorough understanding of the renovation process. All too often we see homeowners taking on renovations without a design professional and all of a sudden, there's a thousand trade partners in their house, walls are open, electrical is everywhere, late night *add to cart*'s, and ten decisions that need to be made...right now, or yesterday actually. It's an extremely stressful situation, so we're here to help.

Sometimes homeowners want to learn about the renovation process on their own by running the project, but need an extra eye on their selections so they can sleep well at night. We're here to help you, too.

Our Construction Consultations offer a series of focused design sessions to help get you to the finish line.

- Virtual or in-person design sessions focused on specific material selections

- Provide a clear design plan clients can execute with their contractor

- Deliverables are based on project needs coming out of design sessions

Three sessions, two hours each + Deliverables - $3,500

Five sessions, two hours each + Deliverables - $6,500

Must be used within a six-month period.

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